Totem Linear Pendant

an organic minimal line with soft edges (and transparent mass)


A linear pendant with 3, 5 or 7 staggered stems
and 3, 5 or 7 cast forms in trapezoid, oval or a mix of both

Totems and totem poles are storytelling tools spiritual in nature that describe the characteristics and history of a person or tribe. While reflecting on our American history, Boyd's head in-house designer, Doyle Crosby was inspired by the era of travel, leisure and innovation, and the ideas of revival, growth and wisdom.

With a spirit of its own, the Totem Series was beautifully designed and detailed. Using rich metal and improvements in lighting technology, Crosby re-imagines designs from the 1950's and hearkens back to early American modernism.

Featuring stacked and adjustable oval and trapezoid shapes, the nostalgic LED pendant comes in a variety of finish combinations and cast form compositions. Extending straight down from a linear canopy hangs your desired quantity of staggered-length stems (3 or 5) which are threaded with your desired quantity of cast forms (3, 5, or 7) and cast form composition: all ovals, all trapezoids, or a mix of both.

Customize the direction of the light by swiveling the cast forms and orbs left and right. In the center of each cast form is a round acrylic orb concealing an LED lamp which provides dimmable, 3000˚K, 90+ CRI energy efficient illumination. The fixture is available in Cloud or Coal. The insides of the cast forms are available in Cloud (only available when the fixture is finished in Cloud), 12k White Gold Leaf, or 22k Yellow Gold Leaf.


The fixture width with 3 stems is 37.5" and with 5 stems is 65.5".
The HOA with 3 cast forms is 41".
The HOA with 5 cast forms is 57".
The HOA with 7 cast forms is 73".


3000˚K / 90+ Cri
Universal 120v-277v
the LED lamps standard in this fixture can be dimmed
using a 0-10v low-voltage dimming controls and wiring.


Fixture: Cloud or Coal
Inside Cast Forms: Cloud (only available when Fixture is finished in Cloud)


Inside Cast Form: 12k White Gold Leaf or 22k Yellow Gold Leaf