Totem Triple Sconce

an organic minimal line with soft edges (and transparent mass)


A left or right trapezoid single sconce with one cast form
A single sconce with one oval cast form

The Totem Single Sconce reimagines designs from the 1950s and harkens back to early American modernism. Extending from a half-dome backplate is a bent stem that either rises upward or hangs downward (depending on mounting direction).

Threaded on this stem is your choice of an aluminum oval or trapezoid cast form (right and/or left facing for use in pairs). In the center of each cast form is a frosted acrylic ball which contains the LED light source. The sturdy piece is available as a white fixture with white inside cast forms, or a black fixture with white inside cast forms. For extra sparkle, add 12k White Gold Leaf or 22k Yellow Gold Leaf to the inside of the cast forms.

With energy efficiency standards becoming more commonplace, Boyd offers high performing, dimmable 3000˚k / 90+ CRI LEDs. The petite, ADA-appropriate sconce measures 16” high and 9.5” wide. With its hefty construction and impeccable quality, the versatile fixture is perfect for hospitality and in private residences.


Height: 16” / 406mm
Width: 9¹/₂” / 241mm
Projection: 4” / 102mm  
Net Wt. (Cu/Al) - 6 Lbs / 2.7kg/ 
Backplate: 5” D,  117mm
Cast Form: 4¹/₂” H X 9¹/₂” W; 144mm x 214mm
Center of Outlet Box to Top of fixture: 13.5”; 343 mm


3000˚k / 90+ cri
Universal 120v-277v
The LED lamps standard in this fixture can be dimmed
using a 0-10v low-voltage dimming controls and wiring.


White Fixture With White Inside Cast Form
Black Fixture With White Inside Cast Form

Optional Inside Cast Form
12k White Gold Leaf
or 22K Yellow Gold Leaf

Inset Backplate
12K White Gold Leaf
or 22K Yellow Gold Leaf